If there ever was a wedding that matched two people so perfectly it was Hettie and Jack’s beautiful diy garden wedding down in Kent. These two are some of the nicest and happiest people you could ever hope to meet and their day reflected that with a super chill and relaxed atmoshpere that just surrounded the entire day which they completely made their own.

All traditions were out the window which I loved loved loved as it brings something different to a wedding that you don’t normally get to see or photograph. They both saw each other before the wedding, they had an american style “first look” which is something I really do enjoy seeing from US weddings across the pond, entire bridal party had a round of shots before the ceremony, and then Hettie and Jack even walked down the isle together which was so nice to capture as it was their moment, together!

The one thing I do envy about our US counterparts is the fact they can get married outdoors anywhere they like without having to have a solid legal structure above their heads like we do here in the UK. So being pressented with a truely outdoor wedding here in the UK is a rarity (something I hope gets changed in law eventually) so obviously jumped at the chance and so happy Hettie and Jack picked me to shoot their wedding.

The best things about a DIY garden kent wedding is all the little hand made details from the jar lighting, the confetti, the food, and even some alcohol which had quite the kick after I drank the one they gifted me at home a few weeks later. It just adds a personal touch and flare that you can really see from all the effort from Hettie and Jack, and their family and friends had put in to all the decor and designing the items for the day.

Rounding off an incredibly chill day was some epic partying which couldn’t of been a more fitting end to such an awesome couple and diy wedding!

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