When it comes to travelling and seeing epic wonderful places on our rock I’m always a little guilty of flitting off to other parts of the world and completely neglecting what’s actually on my doorstep here in the UK. I’ve probably seen more of the world than I have my own country. Never been to Scotland, been to Wales once in year 6 with school, and never taken the trip over to Northern Island.

Catherine and Steve’s Belfast Castle wedding was a welcome addition to add to my travel list of beautiful countries I’ve visited while also doing to get what I love… shooting a kick ass wedding!

I’ve known Steve for many many a year and we go way back to the gigging days when I was working/gigging musician and we all mingled in the same social circles playing in bands, so I knew exactly what to expect from this wedding and the antics that were going to occur.

What can I say about my first Belfast Castle wedding though? Wow what a venue! Sitting proudly 120m above sea level it not only offered stunning views of itself, but also the surroundings of Belfast below. With Catherine herself being Irish herself and her family living in Belfast I can see why they opted for such a special venue and beautiful location of Northern Ireland.

The wedding day itself was a fun filled affair with perfect weather (rare for the UK) and great people. You can’t really ask for much more from a wedding day really. And boy did this lot also know how to party. I can’t remember if it was 2am or 3am but me and the best man where the last people to leave the venue after waiting about an hour for a taxi to arrive because the first one didn’t turn up and then apparently every other taxi was booked. Oh the stories and adventures I have from weddings, should probably write a book!

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