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My name is Tony,
I’m a photographer.

So here we are. You want to know a little bit more about me?

I would say as a person that I really do try and live life to the fullest. I’m a traveler and adventurer at heart and will often be found making the most out of any given situation thrown at me.
I’m also the kind of person that if I see a 7ft inflatable unicorn for sale then I will buy it. Yes… That actually happened and I own a 7ft inflatable unicorn.
My favourite place in the world would have to be at the top of the french alps strapping a snowboard to my feet. But I’m just as happy doing water sports on a beach or hiking through a jungle.

Whether your wedding is a low key affair or a full on party, I’m the kind of person that’s going to get stuck into and involved in your big day. Whether I’m photographing or filming I will be there to capture the day as it happens. If you hire a river boat and someone to serenade you down the river, I’ll be there to capture it. If you have hired a bouncy castle, I’ll be on it. If you’re going scuba diving, I’ll be diving. Oh and I’ll definitely be on the dance floor! I’m there to capture and get involved in your day and preserve these memories for you.

So drop me and my team a message and lets see how we can capture and showcase your big day!

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